Joining #OurHands for Domestic Worker Rights

OurHands Logo - FINALHappy International Domestic Workers Day!

Migrant Forum in Asia and Christian Aid, along with 40 endorsing organizations, are joining #OurHands in solidarity with migrant workers all over the world.

Today, International Domestic Workers Day, we kick-off a 6-month social media campaign. The #OurHands Campaign engages domestic workers in conversations about their rights under ILO Convention 189 — a landmark international instrument that affirms that domestic work is work and that domestic workers are workers. ILO C189 sets out labour rights protections for all domestic workers, including migrant domestic workers.

Through this campaign, domestic workers and their supporters are already expressing their solidarity and power in words and images.

  • Since the #OurHands Campaign Soft Launch on May 1st, more than 800 domestic workers and their supporters have liked our Facebook Page
  • More than forty organizations that work in solidarity with domestic workers have endorsed the campaign
  • Members of our community participated in a logo design contest, resulting in a fantastic new logo for the campaign!

Let’s Join #OurHands on International Domestic Workers’ Day!

Today, we invite you to engage with us on Social Media:

  • Change your profile pic to the new campaign logo
  • Tweet to @dw_rights with your message of solidarity with domestic workers – use #OurHands, #OurHandsCampaign, #DWRights, #DWDay, #June16
  • Tag us in your solidarity message or photo on Facebook – use #OurHands, #OurHandsCampaign, #DWRights, #DWDay, #June16


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