Know Your Rights!

As domestic workers, here is the document that outlines your rights under international law. The document is ILO Convention #189: Domestic Workers Convention. We often refer to it simply as C189. Domestic workers everywhere advocate for their governments to sign this convention, and to guarantee the protections it outlines in their national laws.

Parts of C189 you should know:

  • C189 protects all domestic workers, including migrant domestic workers.
  • C189 makes forced labour unacceptable!
  • C189 tells governments that they have to respect your right to organize
  • C189 says it’s your government’s responsibility to protect you against all forms of abuse, harassment, and violence
  • C189 says you have the right to privacy and decent working conditions
  • C189 says you are entitled to a contract that is clear and written in a language you can understand
  • C189 says you are entitled to a fair wage, paid regularly as agreed in your contract
  • C189 says that your travel and identity documents are your property — your employer does not have the right to take your documents
  • …and many more rights and protections!


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