MUSANED is a new online program addressing issues concerning domestic migrant work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Website is provided in English and in Arabic and it is composed of seven tools:

  • Rights and Obligations (of both the employer and the employee)
  • Service Stages (of recruitment, employment and departure)
  • Recruitment Offices and Companies (with a list of all the licenced recruitment offices and companies)
  • Complaints and Committees (including the process on how to file a complaint)
  • Information Center (news)
  • Required Documents
  • e-Recruitment Services

The website offers clear and simple information. Including information on important information when traveling with a domestic worker.

This is a positive step from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to protect domestic workers and address the many other issues relevant to decent work for domestic workers.

However, the only observation made which must be corrected, is that the complaint application is provided only in Arabic, making it difficult or impossible for domestic workers to fill this out and impeding the access to justice.

Source: MUSANED – A program to protect domestic workers by the MOL from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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